Past is the future

”Then you already know the end of the mission!”

”The part of me dealing with this issue has no knowledge of that planet’s present. The last piece of information I have will be several month in the future of your transfer date there. That planet past is my present as it will be yours. Once you arrive, my knowledge of the immediate future will gradually become obsolete as you will change the reality on the ground.”

”How many of ‘you’ are in the whole you?”

”I don’t have that information; I am not in direct contact with any other me. Only my complete self has this knowledge.”

”Then the ‘complete’ you already knows the end.”

”In a way. She will perceive the last results derived from your actions there as that past of the planet fluctuates and the last one will slowly erase any memory of the previous one. You and I will not be aware of changes due to causality issues. There will be many possible futures born to die until you leave the planet, but she will always fully know only the last one. You cannot remember for too long a past already annihilated by a temporal change. In some cases complete lines will disappear with no trace.”


”Let us suppose that a present action against the past kills someone before you meet him for the first time. In the new temporal version he never existed for you, so you will have no memories of him.”

”Will any of my actions change the future there?”

”Not all, only major ones. There is something named event-compensation. It is not true that any minor event will propagate in the future altering it. Killing a deer, for example, will erase all her offspring from the new future but normally they will be compensated for by others. A deer is insignificant from statistic point of view. It rarely happens that an isolated statistic event proves to be a chain breaker.”

”Are you a computer? Or a process in a server?”

”I  am neither technology nor a form of life. I am part of The Universe’s fabric. Think of me/us as being like a river with many springs and many mouths, with my mouths being my springs. We flow both ways through time and space without being visible. New paths will often form while other will disappear going back in the complete me. In time you will understand.”

”Then why me? And why now?”

”This is a complex operation, there is now a window of opportunity and you fit into it.”

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