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November 21, 2012

I the Robot invasion

With Capek and Asimov robots entered in our lives via science fiction books. Generation
after generation was waiting  for them to arrive also in our life. The usual perception was about humanoid robots interfering in our paths helping people in different way. The robots revolution was, in fact, already started by the apparition of the unspectacular industrial robots. Since the middle of the 20th century, robotics has become an essential
component of the production industry. However, the next major challenge for robotics
concerns applications for domestic environments and personal use, thus involving closer interaction between robots and humans. (more…)

November 7, 2012

The Universe is no longer in the game

Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy book

The blonde came back at my table passing through Houston’s ghost. When she stopped only Houston’s nose was still visible, hanging out from the blonde’s breast. A short laugh escaped my mouth while starring at her bust.

“Anything wrong with the stake sir?”

“What? Of, well, no. Sorry, I was thinking at something else, not at your, ah, huh, stake. It is very good.” (more…)

November 1, 2012


Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction book

While looking at her, so busy with that piece of alien meat a weird thought sparked in my mind. What can I really eat while visiting other worlds? The slightest change in the basic blocks of life, the amino acids, would starve me to death even after the most copious lunch. I simply would not have the necessary enzymes and bacteria to assimilate them or ARN to build new proteins, the same for glucoses. An example, here on Earth, is sucralose, an artificial sweetener which is not broken down by the body and therefore is non-caloric. You feel the taste and that’s all, all in and all out. In the movies is easy to show exotic fruits and animals but actors still eat our local food behind the scene. (more…)

October 13, 2012

Past is the future

”Then you already know the end of the mission!”

”The part of me dealing with this issue has no knowledge of that planet’s present. The last piece of information I have will be several month in the future of your transfer date there. That planet past is my present as it will be yours. Once you arrive, my knowledge of the immediate future will gradually become obsolete as you will change the reality on the ground.” (more…)

August 8, 2012

Ch1. The Gale crater

My hands look odd, long and lumpy fingers. Strong fingers. This is the first thing I acknowledge after opening my eyes on the new training field. Everything around is red. I am on a kind of caldera limiting the horizon to only a few kilometres. Somewhere in front of me a volcanic cone is towering over everything else, the only visible thing outside the crater trap.  I switch my attention back to my body. The same weird look as my fingers. I am tall, very tall, difficult to estimate, maybe more than two and half meters. I lost the battle with Houston about genetic transformations on alien planets after she let slip to me that this already happened -several times in previous training trips.

I start to move and a red dust floats after each step. “Is this Mars?” I ask my invisible Cerberus. (more…)

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