The newborn universe

Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy book about time travel

The lights got brighter, then started to dim till blackness surrounded everything. I was floating in that darkness, in a strange position resembling a man sitting in his chair but the chair was no longer supporting me; it disappeared altogether with the whole restaurant. Her head was floating in a small illuminated sphere – around me. A diffuse scattered light appeared at a distance I was not able to appreciate. Between us and that light there was nothing. Here and there points of turbulence emerged, later their vague movements spread to the entire area in sight. The blackness vanished, chased by glowing yellow, cherry red or ultramarine blue lights.

“What is this?” I asked forcing my frightened voice to sound calm.

“The beginning of time. Well, almost. I understand your fear but nothing will happen
to us. Nothing bad, I mean.”

“Why almost?” I passed over the bad, as I was not sure that I wanted to learn more about it.

“There would be too much instability if we go further back. The Universe is training himself in creating matter. Those distant clouds of gases and dust are the embryos of
the first galaxies. The law of physics and chemistry are now put in place.“

“How old are you and..?” The fact that she could be as old as the universe struck me and I couldn’t finish my question. It is not part of everyday happenings to talk with such an old … Would be artefact a proper word?

“The me dealing with you was born only several hundred thousand years ago. I am not
so old to be an artefact, as you see.” And she smiled at me, the smile of a young and beautiful woman.

“What if he will perceive our presence here?”

“He is already aware, as his boundaries are so small, and there is no life yet, he
is following us but he recognises me being of his own structure, even when I
come from a future he is not able to figure. There is no Gate yet at this

End of paragraph from  chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy fiction book about time travel


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