Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction book

While looking at her, so busy with that piece of alien meat a weird thought sparked in my mind. What can I really eat while visiting other worlds? The slightest change in the basic blocks of life, the amino acids, would starve me to death even after the most copious lunch. I simply would not have the necessary enzymes and bacteria to assimilate them or ARN to build new proteins, the same for glucoses. An example, here on Earth, is sucralose, an artificial sweetener which is not broken down by the body and therefore is non-caloric. You feel the taste and that’s all, all in and all out. In the movies is easy to show exotic fruits and animals but actors still eat our local food behind the scene.

”Did you just invent a method of killing me slowly and softly with your food?”

”Of course, finally you found what this little experiment is about.” Her voice had again that amused tone of an adult speaking with a limited child.

”What is the trick here? If you have something in mind I prefer to know about it in advance.”

”I will give you a bag of potatoes and a lot of fish.”

“I am not joking.”

”It is not as complicated as it looks. Life everywhere is based on the same simple solution, DNA, RNA, and amino acids, with slight differences occurring in evolution. Contrary to your scientific belief there is no miraculous appearance of life due to strange particular circumstances; hazard has no role to play here. The process is as determined as forming water molecules from oxygen and hydrogen by chemical and physical laws – only more complex. There is an intrinsic tendency within matter to become more complex, over time, and at the same time to become more conscious. So you will not feel like a stranger anywhere.” I sensed a bit of humour in the last phrase but said nothing; there were too many unknowns, for me, in her ”uncomplicated” explanation. A bold hit of curiosity pushed me further while still annoyed by her lecturing tone.

“What means this ‘intrinsic’ stuff?”

“The DNA.”

“Yes, I know that it carries our genes.” I am not that stupid of not knowing what DNA is about, I mumbled inside.

“That’s only one aspect, DNA has also a higher purpose, it communicates with The Field.
It is not only responsible for the construction of your body but also serves as data storage and in communication. From time to time life receives ‘enhancement signals’ and in a very short periods of time the parts involved in your body functioning are changed by The Field.”

“So, he changes us at its own pleasure, we are a kind of toys for big boys. He can throw us any time into the garbage collector and pick a new one.”

“Yes, you can say that the dinosaurs were big toys, and after the enhancement some of
them disappeared, other were transformed in birds or mammals; a long line of changes ending with humans conquering Earth.”

“What’s the next step once you are bored with the actual us? Vampires? Super-humans?”

“This is not a game.” And her voice changed suddenly, gaining a harsher tone, as it was also changed the look within her piercing eyes. “If you would pay some attention to my words, you will be better prepared for your missions. The Universe is experimenting on himself. From time to time you, humans, in terms of intelligent species, show the next evolution paths. The dinosaurs were not only the huge beasts you know from Jurassic Park; on other planets they were very intelligent species. Earth is still a newcomer in this game. Humans were not yet born at that time, the saurian ruled this galaxy. The first Factions were in fact dinosaurs. Then it happened that further evolution was hindered
and new solutions were put in practice based on those experiments. All DNA in the galaxy was enhanced by The Field in very short time. From galactic perspective of course.”

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