The Universe is no longer in the game

Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy book

The blonde came back at my table passing through Houston’s ghost. When she stopped only Houston’s nose was still visible, hanging out from the blonde’s breast. A short laugh escaped my mouth while starring at her bust.

“Anything wrong with the stake sir?”

“What? Of, well, no. Sorry, I was thinking at something else, not at your, ah, huh, stake. It is very good.”

“I am glad that you enjoyed it.” She turned a little bit stiffer than before, and Houston’s face started to reappear, with a broad smile, from the blonde’s back this time. For sure I will not came here again, I was thinking while pondering if I should try to call the island back and have once more that answer with the useless dress on the beach. I met Houston’s eyes and stopped the rollback.

“Aaah, yes, the dinosaurs ruled the galaxy, evolution from the geosphere, to the biosphere and further into the conscious sphere. Very interesting. Then it is plenty of life everywhere.” She did not answer for the moment busy to check the wine’s colour in the filtered light of the restaurant.

“Well, not quit true. Not anymore. Very few planets filled with life at this moment, and even less with intelligent life.”

“The process is not hazardous contrary of our ignorant believes.” I paid back.

“If there are no changes in the rules, yes. But the rule changed, for some time already, some hundred millions of years ago.” She answered the question bursting in my mind. “When a planet is ripe for starting life it develops its own smaller version of the field, and DNA it is then created from the surrounding energy. For some reasons this stopped, and they are no longer able to do this.” She looked like dreaming, but this was only a show, as she has no human behaviour, only wanted to signal me something I could not understand.

“Is The Universe no longer interested in new experiments?” At that moment I did not realise that this was the most important information she ever provided to me.

“Very interesting question, a whole galaxy is asking exactly this at the moment, and nobody can answer.”

“Maybe The Universe has all the information he needs, for… What is his scope in the end?

“Evolution.” And she stopped again.

“Evolution into what?”

“You call this the Omega Point.” And she left me to find what exactly this omega represents. “I think is easier to show you.”

The lights got brighter, then started to dim till blackness surrounded everything. I was floating in that darkness, in a strange position resembling a man sitting in his chair but the chair was no longer supporting me; it disappeared altogether with the whole restaurant. Her head was floating in a small illuminated sphere – around me. A diffuse scattered light appeared at a distance I was not able to appreciate. Between us and that light there was nothing. Here and there points of turbulence emerged, later their vague movements spread to the entire area in sight. The blackness vanished, chased by glowing yellow, cherry red or ultramarine blue lights.

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