The page “Chapter 2  First contact” contains the entries 1-11 on the blog. This text is the final version therefore some things are changed compared with the previous blog entries.

Io Deceneus -Journal of a time traveler

The first book of “The Living Universe” book series.

The book can be found on:–Journal-ebook/dp/B008EJTPHI

Time travel synopsis

It is never easy to be a “dreamer” in search for things real life cannot provide, wandering in an alternate albeit imaginary existence. He is both afraid and delighted by them, not knowing that it is only a trial for a job no one can refuse: to be a time and space traveler. In a quiet evening, a Gate is taking human shape to pay him a visit and his life will change forever.
His employer is a Faction, the final form of social evolution in a Galaxy where all civilizations are human-like except the Erins – a mysterious experiment representing the next level of intelligent life the self-conscious Universe is organizing in his quest toward the Omega Point. A Galaxy where Earth, enslaved by a ruthless financial system, is considered an example of failed civilization. Time travelling he has to help a far away culture in its evolution from Palaeolithic to Industrial Age.
Factions know that many of them disappeared in past Universe’s enhancements and they want to have a say in the next step. When they can’t, they go for destruction. Stealthily, as they are not allowed to directly interfere.
Rogue Factions are carefully preparing a war of annihilation. It is hard to start conflicts with peaceful people, so their society and economy have to be undermined. Earth “model” is used for subversion and he is the best choice to counter it.
And he will become Deceneus, the “far sighted”, challenging the reader to consider the subject of free will and winding timelines. It is not easy to be a time traveler.


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  2. I like stories about time traveling. Your story will be more interesting if more time travel will find a way in your blog.

  3. Even with no chance to have real time travel, at least in the short or medium future, it is an intersting exercise of imagination to write about it. Wells’s Time machine created a set of readers eager to hear more about time traveling.

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