Ch. 1: Egypt time travel III

Time travel to Egypt part 3

The long corridor was full with unmistakable Amarna style sculptures and finished in a large polished door. Aton solar disk guarding the entrance started to glide smoothly away in twin golden halves, the door was opening to let us pass. Inside a filtered light inviting sleeping or meditation made visible a tall man sitting in well lit corner heavily absorbed
by a papyrus. Close to him a woman of remarkable beauty. A young, thin handler in a white dress practically hanging over his tiny frame ushered us in, Ahmose the scribe was already there. The famous sculpture now in Louvre and that wonder is the painted limestone in the Berlin museum made clear to me who the actors were: Akhenaton and Nefertiti. All the unimpressed feelings from before suddenly passed away, this time I almost physically felt the strike of Ancient Egypt falling on my soul, it was like suddenly being part of an old fairytale which happened to be a true one, with my exception of course. I was the fake in the picture and by unknown reasons this did not diminished its value. “Be yourself” Ahmose whispered to me, “He is already aware of who you are” and
after a short pause while his eyes tried again to evaluate me: “you will find many things in common with Him.” I gazed at his face, trying to weigh up his latest words, but he clearly made a sign that this is all he can endow with. Nefertiti acknowledged our entrance and made an approach sign while her face opened in the most serene smile I ever witnessed: be welcome in our land of bliss and sorrow traveller from the stars. Her impact was seething within me a chaotic mass of thoughts and feelings, shielding for long seconds my mind from her words. I was remembering only bliss, sorrow, stars and traveller not yet
fully aware about their sense but at least I had the readiness of mind to bow politely. Still caught under her spell I was awaked by his deep voice:

“Ten years already passed since the last traveller visited Earth, are you bringing some news from your people? Will they help us to return our homes?” If I was disconcerted by her words he was completely sending me in the fog. Probably he felt my disorientation: “are you the proper owner of that belt?”

My words were going out slowly as they were hurting me:  “I am only a passenger owner; this thing only belongs to itself.”

“That can be the truth even when other said different things in the past.”

“It is the truth as truth it is that I am not a traveller from the stars.” His eyes were contracting to almost a thin line, but his voice showed no change in temper yet. “This also can be the truth even if I find to be a hard one to explain.”

“Still it is the truth, I come from Earth, just that not this moment Earth.” The silence between us becomes almost solid when she broke it: “Are you trying to tell us about you being a time traveller from future Earth?”

“Indeed I am that kind of traveller. I am your guest or prisoner or whatever you want to consider me.”

“You are not a prisoner.”

“Then please allow me a question”, and as he nodded to me: “I entered here with all my knowledge telling me I will found an ancient pharaoh and his wife, both famous in our history. I am able to see the royal pair but I am unsettled to see more than this. Will you help me to settle this riddle?”

They looked at each other for a moment, then after a sign all people in the room went out apart the scribe and the young girl then she broke again the silence: “Probably that our slightly different humanoid shape is already telling you facts you don’t want to acknowledge yet, indeed both of them had the same elongate skulls like the girl with much higher cranial capacity. We are humanoid in shape but not humans, we are not from
Earth. Our space vessel broke while in Sol orbit and we made emergency landing
on your planet, your ancestor’s planet

How to time travel to Egypt end of part 3


  1. Materializing time, in a way or another, can be found in many books. Dune is a classical example even without real time travel stories. What makes this interesting is the posibility, ofr us, to imagine a dimension we are not able to naturally perceive . Like an hypotetical person living in a 2D space trying to understand what height is it.
    Books describing temporal bifurcations and time traveling are more interesting than the linear ones meaning that, while interesting, the material time is not enough for a full immersion in time alternatives.

  2. Time traveling is always an idea to be milked by authors. It will sell well if it is imaginative enough. What I don’t liek is time traveling to change an already existing event.
    Interesting idea about materialized time opposing resitance when moving against his will. It is somehow personalizing the time, transforming it in an intelligent creature who is reacting almost huamanly when someone is trying to ignore his rules. It makes time travel a completly different adventure.

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