First contact (end of chapter 2)

“Do you have contracts?”

“I used a term you will understand. If you can convince me that the mission should be stopped or that is already accomplished it is not considered unilateral leave.”

“So we are in direct contact all the time?”

“In a way, but it is too early to discuss this.”

“It is never too early to understand the danger I will face in time travels.”

“This is not about danger, but about technology and ways of working.”

“Failure and success. You mean that there is a gain and reward strategy.”

“Yes, more accomplished missions; more level of control is transferred to you. In time you will understand. To avoid another question, once you agree, you can ask also for vacations, not only missions, at your own choice. There will be a kind of correlations between vacations and duties which are not only missions, but also training.  Like the preparation time you have for your business trips.”

“I never discussed this with you.”

“It is part of my job, also a term only for your understanding, to have good information about any possible candidate.”

“And if I take the vacations and then leave?”

“I will take the loss as I was not able to correctly evaluate you, but there will be no repercussions.”

“Are you so sure that I will accept?”

“Within a certain probability yes.”

Probably the answer was yes from the beginning. Who can refuse such an appealing adventure as time and space travel, being it imaginary or real?”

“I have three conditions: never take me again without my knowledge and while I am in a possible dangerous situation like walking on the street or driving a car.”

“You were never “taken” in any of the situations you described. The danger was only in your mind. As part of the contract you will be asked to agree to each travel in advance. You will be also able to contact us.”

“Do we have to sign something?”

“All agreements are verbal; we don’t consider a written contract to be an honourable form of collaboration. If things were not clear enough we can discuss them again, if not enough information was provided or asked for, it will be provided when the situation arrives. It will never be possible to discuss now all the aspects the collaboration will take in the future.”

“Could you please change the exterior aspect? There is no need to be so tough, I would like a more pleasant companion. Maybe you need some new rules in the human personality psychology book. And now, can I have my first trip? What do you think about Amarna in the last years of Akhenaton?”

“How long do you want to stay?  Do you have any other special wishes?” I felt like a young boy caught with the homework not well done.

“Thank you. Can I have two weeks of vacation, some notions of the old Egyptian language and some means to live there? Also local clothes will be appreciated. Can I contact you from there for advice even if I’m not in danger?”

“At this point you can have a three hours trip. For all other questions the answer is yes.  Think at me when you are ready to go.” And she disappeared.

The leave was so brusque that I start to ask myself if I was too mean when talking about her look. Maybe she is really a woman in her world and in the end, with all that big fuss about advanced civilization, some things will always be the same.

Io Deceneus Journal of a time traveler  Chapter 2 First contact


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