First contact

I started to sit more often in the garden instead of hiking in weekends. The weather was more like late autumn than late summer so I had a good excuse, but to be honest it was more about trying to re-enact dreaming, and trying to have them in a safe place like the chair in my garden, not in a car or walking on the street. The famous glass of wine was also there but to no avail. I tried with both hands, half empty, full, empty, with the left eye, the right one, both open, both closed, almost one month of hard trying with absolute no success. But even with this small stress, the process was still enjoyable. Maybe I should change my job; wine taster is much more pleasant, even romantic compared to the dull process of doing business and code review

“Do you like it?” I turned around to see the owner of the strange voice. In fact the voice by itself was more pleasant than strange. A pleasant feminine voice, only the feeling that I had never heard it before was strange, and the sudden apparition in my garden.  I saw no one, decided there was no voice and I slipped back in reverie status waiting for my personal Godot dream to come back.

“Do you like it?” The pleasant strange distraction seems to be persevering. I answered in a spontaneous small outburst, before remembering that I am alone in the garden: “Like what? The wine, my garden, you sneaking around? And who are you?”

“Travelling.” I decided that maybe this time it is an audio dream.


“Do you want more?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“The choice is only yours. Contrary to some beliefs in your culture, we never impose anything on anyone.”

“And how much control can I have on the travelling?”

“As much as we can give to you. The process should benefit both parts.”

“If you can be a little more explicit in defining as much as we can give, I would appreciate it.”

“Your share of control will be proportional to your experience and capability of handling events. Very unexpected events, to be more precise.”

“Can you prove that this discussion is not only in my mind?”

“The discussion is inside your mind, so I cannot help with this. We are not speaking by sounds, not that we can’t, but it is very uncomfortable and will affect the fluency of thoughts that transfer between us. If you think that all this is only an illusion I cannot help. If I am able to distort the reality in such a way, making you feel as if you are travelling in time, then I can make you believe everything.”

“So, how can we move on from here? I suppose you want a decision made with a full acceptance of the facts.”

“This is your problem. My job is to give you all the information you need.”



Journal of a time traveler Chapter 2


  1. I see a kind of cover on the second page. Are these fragments from a future book?

    Will you dig more on this?
    “The Universe is constantly redefining himself based on all these personal experiences.”

    1. Yes it is a book, and yes the book is based on the ideea of a conscient universe evolving toward the Omega Point described by Teilhard de Chardin.

  2. This is funny 🙂
    I tried with both hands, half empty, full, empty, with the left eye, the right one, both open, both closed, almost one month of hard trying with absolute no success.

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