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April 11, 2012

A dream I

Smoke is rising smoothly from the barbecue fire,  swirling into the high blue sky in  ash-like coloured strips, stirred – by the gentle breeze of the afternoon. Unseen, the insidious, pleasant, sneaking around, odour of the meat as it becomes a steak thrills our  pleasure centres. My mouth is watering instinctively. There is no continuous sensation, it’s more like an imperceptible grid of juxtaposed fragrances, like a loose net floating in an  almost calm sea. The chaise longue is comfortable made for indolence, my eyes are closed and the rays of the  spring sun kindly play over my uncovered skin.  It’s my birthday, therefore I am allowed a moment of laziness while my friends are preparing everything. There is not only food in the air, other fragrances are stirring me: perfumes mixing flowers with fresh natural bodies. Andra, I think as a resistant and tumultuous spirit of fruity, but not too fruity scent wafts past,  inwardly smiling at this fresh and amusing version of the ancient game cherchez la femme. Another one, playful but elegant, rebellious but sophisticated, comes back from another life leaving me  suddenly aroused.  I raise my wine glass to hide a blush, luckily nobody is paying any attention to indolent me.

This wine is poetry in a bottle, a perfect Carmenere bought several weeks ago in the Aconcagua Valley directly from the vineyard, in the equal poetic Chilean Andean autumn. I am physically absorbed by the intense sparkling of the inky violet colour, staring at the  garden with these improvised sunglasses, the mysterious mix of tobacco, leather, dark pepper and chocolate erasing any other perfume traces. I was staring, everything else disappeared from my mind, drifting in the half green, half green turned violet of the garden -the full and the empty part of a Bacchanalian Ying and Yang- until the unforeseen started to insinuate furtively into my violet vision. Short fragments of white are sneaking here and there, and an icy breeze is making me shiver. I raise my hand as if to chase away unwanted flies before going back to my liquor. Then another flash, more white and the wind howling for a second.

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