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December 29, 2014

White Wolf Dream

First chapter of Io Deceneus Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy book about time travel. The Living Universe books series.

The white wolf turned his head with animal leisure, until I met his eyes – black pits of charcoal in all that snow – so close, that shades appeared in their darkness. Don’t panic. Don’t… I turned around … only me and the wolf, his tongue hanging out. Where is everybody? A crystal twig cracked under the snow, and three times the raven cawed in a human voice: “Wolf-man! Wolf-man! Wolf-man!” Unimpressed, the wolf howled in my face, and I howled back, to smother his howl, to smother my mind. A howl … another one… In-between, silence flows, and the mind sees all that you are not searching for.

“Duras, no! Stay here.” Whistling between the snowdrifts, the wind carried voices over the ridge.

A small voice, a girl… What is she doing here? I blinked: the lone wolf was backing off, his lips half writhed into a snarl. In the valley, a pack of gray wolves went out from the forest, and split in two wings – ready to hunt.

“Some scared wolves… We can’t go back, young girl; death is waiting there.”

A man’s voice … almost a man’s voice. “Listen to her,” I shouted, and frosted leaves whispered under his small, uneasy steps. “The gray wolves … they split.” … NothingThey can’t hear me. (more…)

August 27, 2014

Time Travel to Egypt (final version)

First chapter of Io Deceneus Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction and fantasy book about time travel. The Living Universe books series.

The streets of Amarna: people were different, the smells were different and the noise was different. By appearance, I belonged to that place – white knee-length skirt and sandals, very like the others, even in the way that they looked worn – yet uneasiness grew inside me. “The Nile is reborn,” people cried around me. I understand… I burned from the childish temptation to answer questions raised three thousand years before I was born. Would they find the stranger in me?

The crack came too late, my shoulder burned, pain shot up and down my arm. “Take me back home!” I screamed. With blurred eyes, I noticed the lowered heads and I bowed. The whip stopped; the buzz stopped; my mind regained clarity, clarity arose from panic, unnatural and treacherous.

Two soldiers dragged me away, and sand filled the cuts in my skin. “Once sand enters the scars it burns for days,” the Gate whispered to me.

Bitch! I thrust myself upwards to stand on my feet; the soldier on the left lost his grip on my arm, then pushed my head in the sand, his words coming out in hiccups: “Snake … try to escape now … feel the sand…” (more…)

December 23, 2012

DNA (changed)

Added to chapter one of Journal of a Time Traveler – a science fiction  and fantasy book about time travel. The Living Universe books series.

“Afraid? Do you want to run away and stop travelling? Or not? Not just yet? Would you still blame the bait? Or finally you will decide alone?” For the first time there was something wicked in her voice. “Why you don’t simply try to feel this new world? To open your mind and melt into the local field? You haven’t had a real taste of it yet. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be worth it,” she continued, softly this time, like trying hypnosis. “You’re unlikely to learn anything about it now, that time will come later, but maybe about yourself … It is the mind of the seeker that must first be educated, and the body follows. But you must have the will.” The hazy sun had already dropped below the horizon and the
land had melted into an inky wilderness by the time she had finished her scolding. The wind suddenly left off and there was complete silence. I was paralyzed with fear; I moved back instinctively, about to run. It only lasted a mere second before we were back on Earth, in my garden’s domestic assurance. She said nothing about it, and I did not pay attention to “that time will come later”.


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