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July 20, 2012

Ch. 1:Egypt time travel IV

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Time travel to Egypt part 4

My Egypt time travel lasted much longer than the promised three hours. My second week already and I am becoming an involuntary historian of the most exciting experience I have ever had. I have enough information accumulated to write not one but several books, but who will believe even an iota? I am a time traveler! I never told them that I will be the sole beneficiary of their story, if I don’t take the Gate into account of course, she will squeeze my mind for every bit of information. They opened their souls to make me and my own timeline humans aware of the deed and work they were doing in Egypt, and the kind of moral evolution they wanted to shape. They were aware of the past interferences which affected us in such a bad way, interferences we never had any idea that ever existed.  They were trying to teach the people of Egypt love as the most beautiful experience in the Universe. Aton was created as a unique God impersonating an abstract thought and they tried to spread his acknowledge as far as possible. They liked their “job” yet still they wanted to return to their world as Earth was taking a toll on their health. (more…)

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