A dream III

A white spot move slowly just meters in front of me abruptly cutting my thoughts; a white wolf lost in the mimetic snow leisurely turned his head and my blood froze in front of his piercing eyes, but somehow strange his gaze was going behind as looking undecided over a transparent me. Maybe he did not see me. Then he sniffed, and gradually started to step toward me, with a measured pace like a ghost with vivid eyes and a black nose. He was bothered, but also attracted, his tongue out from his mouth, his head moving reluctant and tense and sniffing heavily. Next second his mane went abruptly erect and a  short suite of snarls and low growls clinched my hands, but suddenly he gave up and run away to his pack. “Darg there are too many of them don’t go closer.” a small voice raised from behind the ridge on my left solving the mystery of the scarred wolf. “I will not bother them, it’s only this strange roasted meat smell, coming from nowhere in this empty place, bothering me. I want to see what that can be.” A tall, muscular blonde man came cautiously from behind the rocks starring around, his eyes were pondering between an invisible me and the wolves. A thin girl followed shortly. “Stay there Dena!” On his chest a strange symbol, a red, yellow, blue draco, a dragon with open wolf-like jaws on a white shield.

I tried to change the perspective, to put some distance between me, the warrior and the wolves, but that didn’t work. The valley disappeared, the glass, the garden and the spring suddenly came back in its place. Being a dream, or at least considering at that time that it was a dream, I didn’t paid too much attention to the smell. It was my first olfactory sensation ever in a dream, and this was somehow the sign of the events to come. But as always, who is not paying attention on about the role played by incidental circumstances in life will have to pay later in a way or another. Of course it can be said that the wine was dreaming in my place, or helping with the dream, or whatever, even I had somehow the feeling that in a certain way it was involved, but I was never able to find how and that’s why the idea slowly disappeared in time when other events started to accumulate.

The well-known domestic barbecue smell is overriding the wild wholly, someone is  shouting: five more minutes and we are ready to feast.  The dream got lost into the party.


  1. The design for the website is a tad off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your science fiction website about lucid dreaming and time traveling. I might have to use a normal web browser just to enjoy it.

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